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Archive for March, 2014

Gregory Button’s Talk

From the talk, I began to think about two specific topics that he brought up which included the fact that radiation exists in places long after the initial bomb has been dropped, and the topic of massive amounts of pressure put on sciences to explain natural disasters in a limited amount of time. With regard to the first topic, I find it astonishing that governments across the world could possibly attempt to convince people into thinking places such as these are safe places to inhabit anytime soon. This particular response is an example of how governments try to get people back to their country or city to pay more taxes and thus, help the government in that area. With this being said, I still cannot believe that such people would put their own personal financial success ahead of the health of so many people. I also believe that the people responsible for actions such as these should be sentenced to many years in prison to help deal with this issue while informing residents of that area that it is still not an inhabitable place. Moving on to the second topic regarding a shortened time for scientific response, I believe that the scientists should take their time to completely assess the given situations and make a rational call about the situation and how to deal with it. They should not be coerced by the public to come up with a quick explanation for the cause of natural disasters simply because the public wants that information as soon as possible. With these two topic being put forth, there are many areas, more than just the two mentioned above, that can be improved for the betterment of society as a whole.