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Blog Journal Post #1

Thus far, I have been astonished by the overwhelming fascination of high intensity sports such as skydiving and white water rafting. I also never saw an danger in an overly safe environment but after listening to much discussion on the topic, I can see now that a world embedded with too much safety turns out to be horrific to the general population. For this reason, journals regarding the positive effects of taking risk interest me more than they use to interest me. In the journal of Health Psychology, by Eric Brymer and Robert Schweitzer, it is said that, “Brymer… found that extreme sports instigated positive psychological relationships with the natural world which benefits the individual. Participation might develop courage and humility” (Brymer and Schweitzer 478). With this quote in mind, the world can begin to acknowledge the fact that there exist beneficiary consequences to these breath-taking sports. Because of this, one might see that a businessman who had been stuck in his office all week might benefit substantially from participating in such sports as these. Thus, I find it disturbingly interesting to read about the different sides to the argument regarding the sudden burst of popularity that these sports are currently receiving.


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